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2 years ago

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Amanda and I are in our thirties and have been married 7 years. Two years ago I attended Tom 's wedding 25 years when he married Kate, who was 26 years. Amanda and Kate had known for years, has very good and told each other in most things, which is often called 3vids round for a chat. Earlier this year, Amanda told me that Kate and Tom had tried to have a baby since they married and had no success for the tests had shown Tom was a low sperm count. The choice seemed to be trying to maintain or artificial insemination, whether he or donor sperm. I said that another option was to get someone to hell. " How, for example," laughed Amanda. The next time you call asked how things were going, and Kate said they were still trying, but Tom would not accept his sperm count was the problem. Amanda said: "Maybe you is not enough to relax tense and stressed. " "You know what we all need a little attention before the main course. Is excited andNausea so before having sex? "" No, not really, " she said. " Are not you going to lick down her pussy and clitoris? "" No, never. "She continued: " Have you tried different positions. Did you from behind or ahead, so he gets his cock in nice and deep? "She said," Yes. Just 3vids come and that we 3vids do. "Oh God, that's terrible. Do you ever run. Did you ever have an orgasm? " "No, it's usually all in a minute," he said sadly. Amanda said: She looked surprised, but " Did you ever think, because someone fuck Ben and I often have other couples think that would be fucked and who knows, get pregnant... " rejected the idea, saying simply: " What about Tom? "and I said it was because she told him, certainly not us. Nothing more was said a few months, when he still was not pregnant. She was talking to Amanda and asked her to have sex with men, as he was, he felt guilty, she made ​​them stop. Amanda told hit, how much they will enjoy the hell out my men, who are planning a party in a few weeks when 3vids they join us they wanted was welcome. It will be a day later 3vids called and told Kate that Tom went to a football match would 3vids be with some friends and from Saturday to Sunday evening. If it was the night of our party, which could come. The two were more than satisfied and when we said the other, they enjoyed a new kitten is welcome. on the night of Saturday, the other pairs to come, but not Kate. We had drinks 3vids and a few in a chair and taking one in a 69 on the ground, as we have seen. I heard that door and saw Amanda, the answer came. She was a little earlier, Kate, who appeared nervous, his hands covered pussy away. It looked beautiful, stark naked, beautiful makeup, long dark hair, clean 3vids shaven with small firm tits pink nipples, pussy on a narrow strip. Amanda took her, to feelin a chair and told her legs open so everyone could see her pussy. I was nervous, she opened a little. Was against one of the other women spread their legs and masturbate. Amanda told him to copy and open it further to touch her clitoris with your fingers. They did when I leaned forward and 3vids took an erect nipple in his mouth, sucked and stroked her other breast. She sighed and rubbed her clit harder with a finger slides into her pussy, as Amanda sat down again by one of the men, Kate went to the edge of the chair and buried his face between her legs covering her pussy replaced . Amanda was one of the women kissing, fingering each others pussys fucked like the other couple and the others watched, she slowly jerks his cock. Kate quickly became interested, come, who had kept a hand on my head the other tits and hugged him as she pushed her pussy against his tongue until she shuddered and came to listen. The look, she had the fluScales, eyes closed, drenched with a smile on her face, nipples, pussy with her juices while playing with her ​
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